Frequently Asked Questions

Can anyone submit to Dear Reader?
Yes! Absolutely anyone can submit. We are only too happy to read work from all voices, hidden away in all corners and curves of the globe.

Do you need to have performed at Dear Listener open mic to submit to Dear Reader?
Absolutely not. Charley welcomes work from new names as well as familiar ones, and this space is by no means limited to people in the Worcestershire (or nearby) area.

Do you accept simultaneous submissions?
No, I'm afraid we don't.

When should I get a response to my work?
Charley aims to respond to all submissions within six weeks of receiving them.

How do I submit?
For full details on how to submit your work for consideration then you can head over to our Submission Guidelines page. This page includes details of where to send your work and how your work should be formatted.

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  1. By (not being) published, does that include online, in closed poetry groups?


reflected in puddles by Paul Robert Mullen

locals gather                 centre of the village an old man flying                    kites             high above the square w...