Dear Reader has never been a themed website. However, Charley and Talis both recognise the importance of having a prompt to work to. With that in mind, on the first of every month the Dear Reader "inspiration" page will be updated with something that we hope will inspire writing. This may take the form of a picture prompt, a piece of music, or a traditional written prompt. Whatever the form, it will be posted here on the first of every month, starting January 2021.

We are still very much open to submissions that do not relate to the prompt in any way at all - so please don't feel obliged, or limited. We're merely trialing this as a way to get people thinking and, we hope, to get people writing too.

If you are submitting a piece of poetry inspired by the monthly prompt, please state this in your submission - i.e. include it in the subject line of your submission email.

Inspiration for February 2020:


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