Themed submission: March 2021

In a year of radical changes, Dear Reader has tried to ride with the times. Late last year, Talis was welcomed in as an Assistant Editor. Earlier this year, our Inspiration page was added. Now, we’re trying something new.

For March, we will close publication for a full month. But we will open a reading window dedicated to the prompt of “inspirational womxn”. This is to mark International Woman’s Day on March 8th.

Charley and Talis will be reading submissions throughout the month, with a mind to start publishing accepted pieces from the first week in April.

Submissions dealing with the following topics are especially welcome:

  • Gender and (mis)gendering
  • Female relationships, meaning anything from romantic to familial
  • Female wisdom, and how that wisdom is shared
  • Sexuality and the spectrum on which it sits
  • Societal expectations of womxn 

These are a few topics chosen to provide guidelines for anyone in need. However, we are welcoming everything and anything relating to the “inspirational womxn” prompt.

Please note: While we are not discouraging any particular topics, we would ask that difficult pieces are given a trigger warning (out of respect for the editors).

For this month alone, we will welcome submissions of:

  • Poetry
  • Prose poetry
  • Flash fiction (500 words maximum)

We hope that March brings kindness to you all, and we look forward to reading your inspirational work.

Warm wishes,

Charley and Talis xx


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