Submission Guidelines

Submissions to Dear Reader will open on January 4th, 2019. Anything received before this date will not be read. 

How to submit:

  • Please send 1 - 3 unpublished poems, attached as a doc. or PDF, to Charley Barnes at There is no set line count but we ask that you only submit work of a reasonable length (please try not to exceed two A4 pages). 
  • Please include a short bio, no more than 75 words, that will be included alongside your work should it be accepted for publication.
  • Please ensure that your work is proofread and therefore clean of typos.
  • Please do not send simultaneous submissions.
  • If your work is published by us, all we ask is that you credit us should your work be published again, but beyond that we hold no claims or rights to your original work.
  • There is no set theme or style, nor are there any topics that are 'off limits', as such. However, we do ask that you be respectful to our / your readership and to avoid topics that would be classified as hate speech, or anything similar.
  • Hate Speech, being: 'Expressions of hatred toward someone on account of that person's colour, race, disability, nationality (including citizenship), ethnic or national origin, religion, gender identity, or sexual orientation is forbidden.'
  • We don't mind swearing but it doesn't increase (or decrease) your chances of being published, so please make sure you're swearing for the right reasons. 

Dear Reader is currently a one-woman band but Charley will aim to respond to all submissions within six weeks of receipt. If for any reason you do not receive a response in that time-frame, please feel free to send a gentle nudge our way via email.

We look forward to reading your work! 


  1. Just had the pleasure of submitting to you - now sat with fingers crossed! This will be a great and inspirational forum!


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