Resting a Calligraphy Brush by Chris Hemingway

In a pause between words,
at a station of ideas.
A melting pot,
or the appearance of one.

The brush is rested.
To let him draw
(at the very least)

In a time without words,
even then,
these markings could pause us
in our darkbound tracks.

Lit by faces,
gathering on bridges.
Stepping away
from the glowering mountain stumps.


Chris Hemingway is a poet and songwriter from Cheltenham.  His first pamphlet Party in the Diaryhouse was published in 2018 by Picaroon Poetry, and he has also self-published two collections and a pamphlet (Cigarettes and Daffodils, The Future and Who Lied About the Mermaid’s Ghost).

He helps with the running of Gloucestershire Writers Network, Cheltenham Poetry Festival and the Squiffy Gnu poetry prompt blog, and he can be contacted through Facebook, Twitter, or his website.


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