City of Swifts by Penny Blackburn

The city of swifts, where we walked
crook-footed over cobbled mosaics,
eyed flickering geckos on sun-flecked walls;
lay silent under the crisp cotton sheet
side by side in the heat, untouching;
swam in shallow water as the sun
made tortoise-backed patterns
on the shifting sea bed.

We were so thoroughly
for what came next.


Penny Blackburn lives in the North East of England and writes poetry and short fiction. Her publications include pieces online in Bangor Literary Journal, Atrium and Ink, Sweat & Tears and in print with Paper Swans Press, Reader’s Digest and Maytree Press.
She is on Twitter and Facebook as @penbee8 and on Instagram as penny.blackburn.5.


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