Walking to Moel Arthur by Sue Finch

We packed the rucksack
with more than tissues and water.
Tied our boots, checked the laces.

On the way up 
we stopped looking at our watches, 
let time surround us.

But at lunchtime
I worried that if I sat down
I wouldn't get up.
Where we were going seemed so far.
The sun diluted and dipping
threatened to leave our muscles cold.
We did not really speak 
as we ate our separate lunches.
Mine seemed bland and I didn’t ask about yours.
I only sipped my water 
as I studied the path ahead;
narrowing and bending, 
hiding its end from us.

If we went where we were headed
we might not get back. 
I couldn't tell if we were yet 
halfway to our halfway.
I wanted to read your mind,
were you for giving up?

I wanted to ask you,

If we turn back, will we ever come here again?


Sue Finch was born in Kent. She now lives with her wife in North Wales and enjoys exploring the coast. Her first published poem appeared in A New Manchester Alphabet in 2015 whilst studying for her MA with Manchester Metropolitan University. Her work has also appeared in The Interpreter’s House, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Poetry Bus Magazine and in Crossings Over, an anthology published by Chester University Press. Having a number of poems in the real world makes her smile. You can follow Sue on Twitter to find out more about her work: @soopoftheday


  1. I love this poem. It feels so authentic as I read it and brings a smile to my face as well. I love the line 'I couldn't tell if we were yet halfway to our halfway.' This is a poem that I can empathise with. I really enjoyed it.


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