for you by Tiffany Shaw-Diaz

dedicated to the Hubble Space Telescope

shot up into the cosmos, eased 

into an orbit around Earth

you have silently watched


as comets wag their tails 

of dust and light through solitary jaunts


and you have silently watched

as stars violently die, time after time 

in a luminous burst of color


and you have silently watched

as the far ends of space 

beam echoes of its creation into your brain


and it is through your eyes 

i first learned


that the universe is more vast

meaningful and complex

than my existence will ever be 


Tiffany Shaw-Diaz is a Pushcart Prize and Dwarf Stars Award nominee who also works as a professional visual artist. Her poetry has been featured in Modern Haiku, The Heron’s Nest, Bones, NHK World Haiku Masters, The Mainichi, and dozens of other publications. Her first chapbook, says the rose, was published by Yavanika Press in 2019, and her second chapbook, filthwas published by Proleteria in 2020.


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