Annabel by Jennie Farley

In the dorm at night
she lives in the washstand
beneath the porcelain bowl,
the water jug, the mug
with her toothpaste
and pink toothbrush.
The cupboard is a cottage
somewhere in the country,
with a garden of hollyhocks,
rambling roses, an apple tree,
beside a field where friendly cows
look over the fence.
In class if she’s told off
for something she didn’t do,
or a squabble breaks out -
she just smiles and thinks of
bluebell woods and a comfy sofa.
She smiles, and keeps on smiling
as she practises tiny handwriting.


Jennie Farley is a published poet, teacher and workshop leader living in Cheltenham. Her work has featured in many poetry magazines and been performed at Festivals. Her first collection is My Grandmother Skating (Indigo Dreams Publishing 2016) followed by Hex (IDP 2018). She founded and runs NewBohemians@CharltonKings, a popular arts club providing poetry, performance and music throughout the year.You can find out more information about Jennie's work on her website:


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