How Dolphins Make It All Seem Worth It by John Grey

Hard feelings make no difference.
Subversion has no clue.
I’m up on deck.
What are tyrannies compared
to acrobatics of the sea?

Even a little cloud cover,

can’t bring me down to grayness.

Dolphins are rollicking all around,

delight in my company,

show off their leaps, their spins,

their freedom.

I’m told I need purpose.

That I’d better make plans.

To what?

Blend in with surface light?

Howl along with the pod?


Save me the lecture on how ends meet.

Or what it’s like to be lost in the crowds.

Or how the middle road is my best alternative.

And if I don’t watch out, I’ll be taken down,

I’m on the waters.

A dolphin smiles up at me.

I indulge in reciprocation.

Two species bound.  



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