The Lonely Glove by Jennie Farley

Every morning on my daily walk
I passed a solitary right-hand glove
stuck on a gate.
Each time the glove looked
more sad, more forlorn,
as if hoping for someone
to claim it. We formed
a rapport, the glove and me; 
chatted about the weather,
about this and that, while the horse
in the field behind looked on.
The other day walking past
an abandoned bus shelter I saw
a silky blue left-hand glove
wafting in the breeze.
I took it with me to the gate,
placed it beside the lonely glove,
and wished them both happy ever after.


Jennie Farley is a published poet, teacher and workshop leader living in Cheltenham. Her work has featured in many poetry magazines and been performed at Festivals. Her first collection is My Grandmother Skating (Indigo Dreams Publishing 2016) followed by Hex (IDP 2018). She founded and runs NewBohemians@CharltonKings, a popular arts club providing poetry, performance and music throughout the year.You can find out more information about Jennie's work on her website:


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