Spacing Out by Kenneth Pobo

Take me back to the solar system’s edge—
I miss the ample flower buds in ice.
My friend Peg went, got caught in a gas hedge,
a sulphur smell.  It held her like a vice.
She got free and insisted that I go—
travel is always risky.  Live boldly.
At first, I told her that I had zero
gumption.  She screamed and looked at me coldly.

I packed light, made it past funky Charon,
my phone camera forgotten at home.
Who needs pictures?  I tasted real moon pies,
not missing Earth much, except for barren
places where wildflowers burst out from loam
on the first warm morning when winter dies.


Kenneth Pobo won the 2019 chapbook contest from the State Poetry Society of Alabama for Your Place Or Mine. They published it this May.  Forthcoming is a book from Assure Press called Uneven Steven.


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