The Man in the Skull Mask Writes a Dating Advice Article by James Thorpe

 Conventional wisdom tells us that      is fleeting.      is a meaningful thing shared, traditionally, between two people. That said,      can also be shared between larger groups of people and in a variety of ways, although          or         are the two main umbrella terms for the many nuances and types of      which exist. 

It is often said that      is blind, conquers all, and can exist at first sight. Regardless of your personal opinion on it though, there’s no denying that      is a key part of life. Naturally, it follows suit that all people – as inherently social animals – seek to experience      so what do you do if you can’t find it?

     can be difficult to find but here are three key tips, distilled down from years of experience observing human romantic interactions, to really help you find     :



Now you’ve got some fundamentals on the         process it’s worth considering some of the more nuanced points. Depending on what you are personally attracted to you will need to modify the basic steps. 

For those of you interested in women, it’s best to                      ,                                                                                and                                           .

For those of you interested in men, it’s a little bit simpler. They tend to prefer                          and                                   from potential partners. 

The most important thing to remember though is that      is subjective, and each individual should be treated as such: take      on a case-by-case basis. Remember also that you can do everything right and it still may not work out.      is complicated, after all. Finally, do be aware that the harder you look for     , the harder it is to find.


James Thorp is a poet and writer from the West Midlands. He completed an MA in Creative Writing at the University of Birmingham in 2018, and his first pamphlet The Man in the Dinosaur Suit won the annual Writers Bloc ‘Colletti Collection’ competition there. He occasionally writes at


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