I am rooting for us, and Elegy for Her by Faye Alexandra Rose

CW: Please note 'Elegy for Her', the second poem on this page, contains reference to sexual assault. 

I am rooting for us

We are like two sunflowers, 


tall, but


almost touching, but we never quite     manage it.

We have found ourselves so desperate for the sunlight,

that we forgot to work on our life in the shade.

The sourness that lies unspoken between our roots,

sits silently,

rotting our foundations,

until there is nothing left to nourish,






Elegy for Her 

She lay silent, buried underneath 

his body 

that was about to suffocate hers 

of life,  

he used her body as a sin, as he  

ripped apart 

her skin 

with knives, 

she was a mannequin 

to be cast aside 

and placed on to a pile 

with other statistics, 

mirrors became her enemy, 

she did not want to see 

the reflection of defeat, as 

the pain still feeds on her happiness.  

She used to refer to herself in past tense 

for life was not 

as kind 

back then 



my focus became who I am now; 

a woman who could no longer be touched 

by him, 

a woman free to breathe without 

his toxic fumes that sat 

heavy on my chest.

I now stand tall above 

the home I have built  

from the rubble, 

allowing myself to 

feel the sun on my skin

as I close my eyes and no longer 


for my dream is now a reality:  

I am cleansed. 

I am healed. 

I am worthy.  


Faye Alexandra Rose is a third-year student studying English Literature and Creative Writing at the University of Worcester. Her work has appeared in online magazines such as; Mookychicksmall leaf press and Fevers of the mind. She can be found on Twitter @FayeAlexandraR1 or via her website: www.fayealexandrarose.wordpress.com. 


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