Your Tinder Match is a Witch by Chloe Hanks

Now bloody your fists 
and have me for the taking
you wouldn’t believe

how my bones have been breaking;

I’m drawn to the cusp

and my fingers are bleeding

and who would have thought

that it’s you I’d be needing.

I’ve fought off the demons

they’ll leave us tonight

but we don’t have much time

and I need you for life.

If we get the spell wrong

I’ll be shattered forever

and I don’t see a way

things could get any better.

I know that you’re scared

and you think I’m a stranger;

if you don’t trust my magic

just feed off the danger—

Oh, don’t mind my friend,

he’s been sat there for months;

just the bones of a man

that I failed to love once.


Chloe Hanks is an emerging poet from Worcestershire. Her writing explores fantasy, folklore and legacy which collates her recent publication May We All Be Artefacts published with V Press. Her current projects focus on witchcraft and female empowerment through history.


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